Build your Team in 2017

All of us have our own unique, what I call God-given, gifts and abilities. Often we do not know what they are or how best to use them. Knowing them not only helps you to grow and develop yourself but also how to work effectively in a team.

Then there is the issue of communication. Why don’t they understand me when I communicate with them? I thought I told them what to do? “They just frustrate me” I hear you saying.

Often people would prefer just to work by themselves, however working in team’s is very crucial today. Teams also come in various shapes and sizes. Couples are a team. Families are teams. Whole businesses are teams. Departments are teams. Even the supplier/customer relationship is a team. Each team has very specific outcomes they are looking for and need to know how to achieve the best results that they can.

The cost of poor communication in those teams is immense. Poor communication, according to Leslie Allan, leads to:

  • increased employee turnover
  • increased absenteeism
  • poor customer service
  • ineffective change management
  • failed project delivery
  • greater incidence of injuries
  • higher litigation costs
  • lower shareholder returns

Then there is the biggy – marriage breakdown. Divorces are the worst financial decision that anyone can make. Poor communication is often at the main reason for relationship breakdown.

Hold fast. There is an answer. That answer is understanding your own Life Language or the language that you use to communicate to others and they use to communicate with you.

Check out the recent webinar we did on this topic. It covers the 7 different Life Languages, the Life Language profile and the power of the cross talk report.

In the webinar I mention a number of documents, here they are for you to download and check out. The first is the Success Communication Key. It outlines the 7 different Life Languages, their filter, need, passion and character:

Life Languages Comparisons

Here is a sample Life Language Profile:

Life Languages Sample Profile

Here is a sample Cross Talk Report

Life Languages Sample Cross Talk Report


Now that you know all about Life Language Tool, here are the key steps you need to take:

  1. Take the profile for yourself. To do that simply click on this link: Take the Profile Now
  2. Encourage your team members to take the profile as well. We can set up a specific code for your business, team or family.
  3. Arrange for a consultation session to produce the Cross Talk for your team and to arrange a training session. Contact us on 1300 058 929 or email us at: to arrange for a quote.