Here’s what others are saying about the Life Languages Profile:

“Wow, I have never read a more accurate summary of who I am than this assessment. Invaluable information for my partner because it pretty much describes me exactly, I relate with every single thing it says and it really confirmed a lot of things for me, even being nocturnal, they even got my favourite colour right. Crazy!” … Jason

“I thought it was going to be another tool for my wife to just point out everything that was wrong with me. I was wrong. It is the first assessment I’ve done like this that showed there’s nothing wrong with me and I am a good communicator. I think everyone should do this.” Al

“Outstanding and insightful information. I learned more about communication in one workshop than my entire professional career. I highly recommend it to every professional person.”  Gordon Banks, ex-Dallas Cowboy, 8 year NFL veteran, Stanford Graduate, Dallas, TX

“The information provided by the Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP) can be used in any situation or relationship. In my opinion, the KLLP stands head and shoulders above other instruments that I have had the opportunity to use.”  Steve E. Abraira, Fire Chief, Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, City of Dallas

“I found your communications information and techniques to be the most valuable I have ever experienced in over 20 years of professional career experience and many similar courses.”  Roger G. Coker, Director, TIGER & International Recruiting, Texas Instruments Incorporated